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Company News About Automatic mechanical watch
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Automatic mechanical watch

Latest company news about Automatic mechanical watch

      1: Mechanical watches and quartz watches can be divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches (smart watches are not included here).

    Quartz watches can also be divided into traditional quartz watches, electronic watches and optical kinetic energy watches. Mechanical watches and quartz watches have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of quartz watches is that they travel accurately. They do not need to take care of them with the same care and effort as mechanical watches. They are relatively cheaper than mechanical watches. However, many people believe that quartz watches are not as powerful as mechanical watches. The advantage of mechanical watches is that they are more expensive and valuable, and their disadvantages are also obvious, such as errors and higher maintenance costs than quartz watches.


     2: The error of a mechanical watch is normal.

      Many people who do not understand the watch spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a famous brand mechanical watch, but they go back to wear it for several days. They find that every day there is an error, and they feel they have bought a "defective product". Some people may also feel that they have been cheated and the money is not worth it. Tens of thousands of watches even have errors. In fact, this is caused by ignorance of mechanical watches, because normally, it is normal for mechanical watches to have errors. If the error of one second is intolerable, you can only choose quartz watches. According to the corresponding technical requirements of pointer quartz watches, the daily difference is ± 0.5 seconds/day. Generally, a mechanical watch is normal within ± 30 seconds/day. Of course, the standard of error for major brands will be raised. For example, the standard certified by the Observatory is - 4/+6 seconds/day.


       3: Observatory Certification (COSC)

        COSC is not the highest standard wristwatch newcomer is sometimes easily attracted by the so-called observatory certification, and some people will misunderstand that the observatory certification is the highest standard in the industry, with very high accuracy. But in fact, this is not the case. COSC is not the highest standard in the industry. Many big brands have their own set of inspection standards, even higher. For example, Rolex, which is famous for its precision, announced a few years ago that all watches marked with the words "Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified" had an error of - 2/+2 seconds per day! Jijia's 1000 hour test requires an accuracy of - 1/+6 seconds/day; The PP mark of Patek Philippe requires an accuracy of - 3/+2 seconds/day. Of course, the astronomical observatory certification is really a proof of the accuracy of watches, especially for low-end watches.


       4: Watch waterproof

       Watch waterproof 30 meter watch waterproof should be the most misunderstood performance, such as 30 meter watch waterproof, some people will think that the water watch within 30 meters is OK. It turned out that I paid the price later, but I felt that I had bought a watch with quality problems. Obviously, when I bought the watch, it was not marked "waterproof for 30 meters". Why did it still get damaged by water? In fact, the "waterproof 30 meters" here does not mean that the watch can "dive to 30 meters underwater". The real meaning behind it is "it can resist the pressure of water at a depth of 30 meters". Generally speaking, 30-50 meters is daily waterproof, which can resist a small amount of hand washing, face washing and splashing water, as well as raindrops falling in light rain, but the time is not too long. Swimming grade waterproof shall be 100 meters or more.


        5: Watches are not protected against hot water.

        It must be noted that all watches are waterproof against hot water. Wearing a watch to take a hot bath or steam sauna is very harmful to watches. No watch marked with waterproof 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters or even 200 meters can be used in this way. At present, there is no watch in the world that can be used for hot bath and sauna. What needs to be reminded is that solid materials have the property of thermal expansion and cold contraction. After thermal expansion, small gaps will be generated when cold contraction occurs, and water will enter through the gaps, causing water to enter the watch. Even if the watch has good waterproof performance and no water ingress once or twice, the aging of waterproof parts will be accelerated in the long run, and water ingress may occur at any time. Although some people said that they had no problem taking a bath with a watch for several years, they could only say that they were lucky or took a cold bath.


        6: Sapphire watch mirror is an artificial mirror.

        Many people may often hear of "Sapphire Crystal" mirror. Many consumers misunderstand it because of its tall name and think it is a real sapphire. In fact, the "sapphire" used in the clock and watch mirror is a genuine synthetic sapphire, which is made of aluminum oxide and is much more expensive than ordinary glass. The reason is not the raw materials, but the manufacturing process. The cost of sapphire watch mirrors was very high in the past, and they were generally only used on some expensive watches. However, with the development of the times, the cost of sapphire glass mirror is getting lower and lower, and basic Swiss watch brands will use sapphire watch mirrors. The biggest advantage of sapphire watch mirror is high hardness, second only to diamond, which is very wear-resistant and scratch resistant. The biggest disadvantage is poor toughness and fear of falling.

7: Automatic mechanical watches also need to be wound

Without understanding it, many people often mistakenly think that an automatic watch is automatic and does not need to be linked manually. This is wrong and one-sided. The automatic watch is not automatic. It relies on the swing of the human arm to drive the spring to be wound up automatically through the continuous swing of the rotating heavy hammer on the watch movement. Therefore, once the amount of winding (motion) is insufficient, you need to manually complement the chord. If you don't wear the automatic watch for a few days, you should manually wind it again. For an automatic mechanical watch that has not been worn for a long time, it is better to wind it manually once or twice a month, or put it in the shake meter.


        8: The Rolex steel watch uses 904L stainless steel.

        Generally speaking, the "refined steel/stainless steel" used in the watch case, chain and crown refers to 316L steel. This steel is an ordinary austenitic stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and good texture, which will not cause bad effects on human skin. In fact, it is also a kind of scalpel steel. However, Rolex uses 904L steel to make its steel watches, which is the only brand that fully uses this kind of steel in the current watch brands. Compared with 316L steel, 904L steel is more resistant to corrosion and rust, and more solid; Secondly, the case and watch chain polished by it are more beautiful, whether it is frosted or smooth. Or you can understand it more intuitively: 904L stainless steel is commonly used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, its excellent corrosion resistance is comparable to all kinds of precious metals, and its manufacturing cost is much higher than 316L steel.