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Company News About Often wear watches but do you know anything about watch movements Which movement is the best for buying watches
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Often wear watches but do you know anything about watch movements Which movement is the best for buying watches

Latest company news about Often wear watches but do you know anything about watch movements Which movement is the best for buying watches

Often wear watches but do you know anything about watch movements Which movement is the best for buying watches

The movement can be said to be the soul part of a watch and the most important part of a watch. The performance and travel time of a watch depend on the movement; Without a good movement as the standard configuration, the watch will not work well;
Next, Junba leather small knitting will explain to you according to different types of movement, performance, brand and other aspects, hoping to have some reference value for friends who buy watches.
According to different models, it can be divided into manual movement, automatic movement and quartz movement.

1、 Manual movement

The manual movement is characterized by that its power is stored as the power source for the spring through the chain up system; Generally, the duration of conventional power is about 48-72 hours;
The mode of travel time is continuous and uniform rotation, and you can hear the continuous sound of ticking while listening closely; When manually rotating the chain, there is obvious force feedback and the sound of winding can be heard.
However, it should be noted that a watch that is manually wound cannot be wound vigorously. In terms of feel, pay attention to the sense of resistance brought by the spring box. The closer it is to the full string, the heavier the feel will be until it is "stuck".

2、 Automatic movement

The automatic movement has one more automatic chain up function than the manual movement, and the travel mode is basically the same as the manual movement;
As for the winding function, because of the protection device, the winding box can not reach the full chain state and can be chained all the time without "locking state".
The watch with automatic movement can obviously feel the movement of the automatic tourbillon when it is winding or when it is worn and shakes. This is also a feature that distinguishes manual movement from automatic movement.

Japanese mechanical movement watch

3、 Quartz movement

Quartz movement, W A It was manufactured by Masson in the 1920s, but was later put into production by Japanese Seiko in 1969. Its low cost, high travel accuracy and more additional functions have become the first choice for people to buy watches, and also made a huge impact on mechanical watches that rely on labor for a long time.
The power source of the quartz movement is driven by the battery. After a long time, the battery must be replaced. One battery can last about 18-24 months;
The most direct difference between the mechanical watch and the quartz watch is the top chord gear. The top chord gear of the quartz watch is neutral, so there is no sense of resistance;
For the traditional movement, the quartz movement has better accuracy and endurance in terms of travel time. The movement is relatively thin and light, and has a strong sense of design. It is also relatively lack of aesthetic feeling, and is now being used by many major watchmakers;
In addition, with the progress of science and technology, the quartz movement has also derived optical kinetic energy, solar energy, human kinetic energy and other movements, making it more convenient to use.

Japanese quartz movement watch